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Everyone loves at least one or more sports or sporting events; and regardless of the choice of sport, they will agree that there are a few elements that make the sport attractive: the crowded crowd of fans, the commentators, the players, and their spouses who cheer them on silently. Megan O’Malley controls almost all of these boxes and more.

O’Malley has played a large part in the inspiration and success of her husband Chris Long, who is a professional footballer. Megan and Chris have been together for a long time – before he was drafted and now that he is a world-class defensive player for the Super Bowl winners Philadelphia Eagles.

Megan O’Malley – Bio

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O’Malley’s story begins in Fairfax, Virginia. She was born there on March 26, 1986. The information about her time there remains blurred. However, we do know that the sports-loving celebrity wife completed her high school education at Moorestown High School in New Jersey.

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For her college education, Megan enrolled at the University of Virginia and quickly became an important part of the school’s lacrosse team. She had also played lacrosse in high school and was probably the best player on the team during her time there.

Family Life

Megan was born to her parents Joe O’Malley and Robin O’Malley. Through her parents, she had two siblings: a sister named Katie and a brother whose name is not known.

Megan met Chris Long while they were both studying at the University of Virginia. They started dating and on June 22, 2013, they made their union official by getting married. The ceremony took place in Chris’s hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. Three years after their marriage, on March 2, 2016, they had their first child, a son, Waylon James Long. On November 26, 2018, Megan O’Malley and Chris Long welcomed their second son, Luke Redding Long.

Megan O’Malley – Bio, Family, Facts About Chris Long’s Wife
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Facts About Chris Long’s Wife

1. Megan O’Malley didn’t start out with lacrosse

After receiving her admission to the University of Virginia, Megan did not immediately join the lacrosse team. This was an unexpected decision considering that she was a gifted lacrosse player in high school. Her efforts on her high school team had even earned her a spot on the US All-American Lacrosse Team for two consecutive years, in 2003 and 2004.

Megan explains how she chose to play softball instead of in her first year of college. During this time, on her way back from softball practice, she would always stop by the lacrosse team to practice. Watching them play spurred her on to apply for the team.

It wasn’t long before she joined the team. In her second year, Megan was an integral part of the UVa Women’s State Championship lacrosse program. In 2006 she was also selected as a member of the US National Development Team. Today, she is content to stay at home as a mother while she cheers Chris on the field as he fights.

2. Megan and Chris come from sporting families

Just in case you are wondering where Megan got her love for sports, the answer lies in her genes. Megan O’Malley comes from a family of sports enthusiasts. Maybe that’s one reason she allied herself with Chris Long because he has the sports bug in his genes too.

Megan’s father Joe was a professional baseball player. In the late 1970s, he was on the Atlanta Braves team’s roster. Megan’s sister Katie also played college basketball during her time at John Hopkins University. Her brother, whose name was not revealed, followed her father and played baseball. This sporting mistake goes beyond her immediate family, as she also has uncles who were active in sports.

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As for her husband’s side of the family, Chris’ father is the famous Howie Long. Howie played for the Los Angeles Raiders (now the Oakland Raiders) throughout his career as a defensive player and is a Pro Football Hall of Famer. Chris’s immediate younger brother, Kyle Long, is an offensive lineman for the NFL’s Chicago Bears. The family’s third son, Howie Jr., works as a member of his father’s former team, the Oakland Raiders.

3. O’Malley is an Eagles fan

This shouldn’t shock anyone, considering that her husband is on the team. But that’s not why she’s a fan of the NFL franchise.

Megan O’Malley was an ardent fan of Philadelphia long before she met Chris, long before she attended high school, and probably even before elementary school. Put simply, she grew up under the flag of the team and cheered them on, a claim that Chris himself has confirmed.

Long has stated that he let his contract expire so that he could become a free agent and join a new team with no restrictions or conditions when signing a contract. Chris has always loved the city of Philadelphia, partly because his parents went to school there. But it is hard to argue that it was probably his wife’s love for the Eagles that drove the final nail in his decision to go to Philadelphia.