Melody Haase (29) has good advice for Laura Müller (22). The ex-DSDS candidate was on the OnlyFans erotic platform for a few years – and that went pretty well for the brunette! Nevertheless, she now decided to unsubscribe there. In private, she had to struggle a lot with the effects of her OnlyFans career. Pregnant Laura also sells hot content on the platform. to that effect Melody a tip for laura.

In an interview with Picture reveals Melodythat she doesn’t really see Michael Wendler’s (50) wife on OnlyFans. “Heard for me laura not in there. She comes from the entertainment industry and sees that as a source of income.”, says the influencer decidedly. In fact, the 22-year-old seems to be earning a good penny there.

But this is for Melody no more reason to continue producing erotic content. “Looking back, I can only say that I would have preferred to endure my difficult situation without OnlyFans and with less money than to do what I did at OnlyFans. You don’t have to do anything for money!”thinks the 29-year-old.