Michèle de Roos is going through a difficult time. The former bachelor candidate unexpectedly met Rosenkavalier Niko Griesert (32) after the show. However, their relationship ended last year. The two broke up on good terms and see each other regularly, mainly because of their common dog Callia. The influencer gives her fans insights into her everyday life on social media. Revealed now Michelethat she recently had a nervous breakdown!

She recently shared a story with her community Instagram. She was at a coaching session with Callia. Former Bachelorette winner Keno Rüst and his girlfriend Lara were also there with their dog Lupin. “I am keno and Laura totally thankful that they took so much time for me today. I had a little mental breakdown last week, everything just overwhelmed me.”reveals Michèle touched.

But how did the mental breakdown come about? “I miss fixed structures and routines so much in my life. That’s why we tried to organize my week a bit so that I can find the balance between work, university, animals, sports, friends and family and new projects.”, the brunette explains further. The fashion influencer also mentioned planning and structuring joint projects in his story and reposted Micheles Thanksgiving.

Source: celebtap.com