Juliano Fernandez seems to need a break. The reality TV star looks back on turbulent months: When Prominent separated he met his ex Sandra Janina (23), where the former couple got closer again. The blonde recently revealed that they tried dating again after the show. It is still unclear whether the further love attempt was successful. Juliano has now revealed that he is not doing well and that he is retiring.

In the past few days, Juliano had been extremely exuberant on Mallorca – the pop singer had really let it all out on Ballermann. After his return, however, there seems to have been a change of mood: “I wanted to sign off for today, I’m not doing so well. A lot of stress and I’m mentally exhausted”he announced in his Instagram-Story.

Apparently, Juliano only needs a short break from the network: he promised his community to get back to Wednesday. The “Assi aber Geil” interpreter has so far left open what the exact reason for his low mood is.

Source: celebtap.com