Kylie Jenner (25) definitely imagined it differently! The Met Gala took place again on Monday in New York City: at the important fashion event, stars such as Rihanna (35), Kim Kardashian (42) and Gisele Bundchen (42) strolled down the red carpet. Of course, after the brilliant evening there was also a lot of celebration. But for one celebrity, the night went differently than expected: Kylie Jenner was turned away by the bouncer at an afterparty!

According to an eyewitness who is now opposite PageSix reported from the night kylie drove to the New York club The Box after the Met Gala – but when we got there, the party mood quickly evaporated. “They didn’t want to let them in. They stopped the entrance because the club was overcrowded”, says the observer. Particularly annoying: Kylies Sister Kendall Jenner (27) was already on the dance floor at this point.

But kylie wasn’t the only celebrity turned away that night. According to the informant, the singer Janelle Monae and the Gossip Girl actor are also Evan Mock didn’t get in. Other stars were luckier – among others, Naomi Campbell (52), Paris Hilton (42), Doja Cat (27) and Co. are said to have ended the evening in The Box.