Michael Jackson’s (✝50) legacy is still a matter of debate! John McClain and John Branca have managed the legendary star’s estate since his death in 2009. Now the two have asked the court to sign a deal, which they seem to have won. The executors believe that this settlement is for the substantial benefit of the estate and in the best interests of the beneficiaries. Michaels Mother Katherine Jackson (92) wanted to prevent this deal – but the court rejected her objections!

Katherine rejected the proposed agreement, but kept its arguments under wraps. McClain and Branca had already asked for approval of a deal last year – the Jackson matriarch was opposed to the deal at the time. The two men have now received the judge’s go-ahead to implement their idea. How Radar online reported, the order states, “The Proposed Transaction is approved and the Executors are authorized and directed to take such action as is necessary to consummate the Proposed Transaction.”

The two men are convinced of the deal and claim they have Michaels Estate rescued from “the brink of collapse” and turned into a very profitable venture. Before the hearing, the probate administrators pointed out that Michaels children had not objected to the proposed deal.

Source: celebtap.com