But two can have a good time! Ex-party hit star Michael Wendler (50) and his wife Laura Müller (22) are currently expecting their first baby. The influencer recently announced that her pregnancy is almost on the home stretch. However, that doesn’t stop the mom-to-be from continuing to provide her fans with bare skin on OnlyFans. Enjoy in their new house laura and the Wendler now the Florida sun!

On paparazzi shotsthe Picture are available, the couple is obviously in absolute bliss in love. On the terrace of her new house, the pregnant woman cuddles and laughs happily with her loved one. The two lovebirds don’t let themselves be taken away from sunbathing either on the water property. Run on more snapshots laura and Michael in bathing suits and with a towel back into the house.

How RTL previously reported, the Wendlers’ new home is said to have cost well over a million dollars – And that regardless of the fact, that Michael is said to have accumulated about as much debt in his home country. How he still finances this luxury is unclear. But it might also do Laura’s Careers on OnlyFans contribute to this.

Source: celebtap.com