Michelle Kaminsky and Marc-Robin unintentionally got pretty close! The ex-couple attended this year’s Prominent season separately, where the former Temptation Island contestants appeared to hit it off. A few weeks ago, rumors arose about a love comeback between the two after they were seen together. On the show itself, Michelle and Marc Robin!

In the podcast “Aftershow – Celebrity Separated” the former couple reported on the show and told the listeners about scenes that were not seen on TV. One of them was the moment when Michelle and Marc Robin briefly kissed. “Then it was spin the bottle and then has [Michelle] said, ‘whoever the bottle is pointing at, he has to kiss his ex now'”, the influencer clarified. So it came to the following situation: “We had to give each other a little smack.” But romance or old feelings came up with Michelle and Marc Robin not up.

Prior to her participation, the two were not on good terms with each other. That changed over the course of the show, as Michelle revealed. “The debate between Marc Robin and I will not forget me. It was just a liberating feeling”she recalled in an interview with celebrity flash.

Source: celebtap.com