Mikey Tua became famous for his relationship with Danielle Cohn. Though they started dating when both of them were quite young, there was no denying their love.

However, the couple eventually went their separate ways in 2019 amid much drama and breakup rumors.

Fortunately, it was only a short-lived divorce as the couple reconciled and decided to get married in 2020 in Davie, Florida.

However, after two years of marriage, heavy media attention forced them to decide to go their separate ways again in 2021, with a finalized divorce settling the matter soon after.

As of 2023, Mikey Tua is single and has no children from previous relationships.

Despite initially hiding their relationship, Danielle and Mikey’s romance has captivated fans from the start.

After fueling rumors with a hint of her connection to Mikey in an Instagram Live session, the pair have continued to go public about their partnership.

In April 2020, just before their public reunion, Mikey responded to one of Danielle’s messages with a yellow heart – a clear sign that the two were back together.

Since then, the couple has been on an emotional roller coaster together, making their relationship one of the most difficult yet inspiring love stories today.

Danielle admitted that she hadn’t moved on from Mikey. She stated in a video, “I didn’t go any further. “I did, and I got no further. Mikey and I are very much in love and I miss him very much.”

Tua’s career has boomed in recent years, bringing a lot of public attention. However, apart from this fame, there is a curious story about his relationship with Daniele which he had revealed recently.

When they first started dating, Mikey was shocked to learn that he had been courting someone who was only 12 years old at the time. He had no idea she was so young when they first got together!

This reveal sheds some light on their relationship dynamics and is definitely an interesting tidbit to keep in mind regarding Mikey Tua’s life and times.

He is an internet sensation. His videos consist of humorous jokes and challenges, unboxing sessions, excerpts from reality shows and movies, and the TikTok video that made him the household name he is today.

However, his appeal goes far beyond online views: he has appeared on Coma and Sawyer Sharbino’s TV show, among others.

With such an array of creative endeavors under his belt, Mike Tua’s star power isn’t fading anytime soon!

About Mike Tua, ex-wife, Danielle

Born in the year 2004, Danielle was blessed with a loving family. Her father, Dustin Cohn, and her mother, Jennifer Archambault, raised her with the utmost care and attention.

She also has a younger brother named Chad, with whom she spent most of her childhood playing and creating memories.

Growing up, Danielle discovered her passion for dancing and fashion, which led her to start her Tiktok account.

With her impressive content creation skills and magnetic personality, she quickly gained huge popularity on the platform.

Her Tiktok account currently has a huge following of over 19 million people, eagerly awaiting each and every one of her new videos.

Danielle’s Tiktok account features diverse content, from dance videos to fashion and beauty tips, and even random commentary.

Her unique style and creativity have earned her a place among the most influential social media personalities of this generation.

She also created a Musically account which helped her gain even more followers and achieved remarkable success.

Danielle’s outstanding talent and influence has not gone unnoticed. In 2017, she was nominated for the Teen Choice Award in the Choice Muser category.

She has also collaborated with several other well-known social media personalities, including Desiree Montoya, Lauren Godwin, and Connor Finnerty.

Despite her huge success, Danielle remains level-headed and grateful to her supporters, whom she affectionately refers to as her “Danielle Cohn Angels.”

She continues to work hard and push herself to greater heights, inspiring and entertaining her followers with her creative content.