They enjoy the time with their loved ones! Millie Bobby Brown (19) and Jake Bongiovi (21) have been a couple for around two years. In April, the son of rock legend Jon Bon Jovi (61) and the Stranger Things actress announced their engagement. The actress seems to get along well with her future in-laws: Along with jake and his parents did millie Have a relaxing weekend getaway!

Paparazzi caught the 19-year-old and her partner in Florida last weekend. on the photosthe Daily Mail are available, the family seems totally relaxed and super happy: Millie is beaming from ear to ear as she chats with Dorothea Hurley, Jakes Mother, get out of a car. But her lover and his rock star dad also seem to be enjoying family time. Casually dressed – both with cool caps – they walk behind the two women.

Jon and Dorothea apparently get along well with their son’s partner. A few weeks ago, he already knew that the musician was happy about the love news between the two “Radio Andy” -Show made clear: “I don’t know if age matters. […] I think all of my kids have found people to grow with and we all like them.”