Mimi Kraus (39) is getting very close to another woman! He can currently be seen on Let’s Dance and of course spends a lot of time with his dance partner Maria Maksina (25): With dances like the tango and the contemporary, great feelings are required from both of them – and of course close physical contact is inevitable. While the ex-handball player dances, his wife fits bella on the kids. Is she jealous of Mimi’s dance partner? Maria?

“Bella had to get used to it for a while. But now she’s getting along well with it, she also visits us regularly in training.”reveals Mimi Colorful. That Bella initially had reservations about his physical closeness Maria was totally understandable for him! “Honestly, if Bella danced so closely with you – that would be a strange feeling for me,” the athlete clarified.

Otherwise, jealousy does not play a major role in Mimi and Bella’s marriage. “Bella has never been the type. She’s very confident, a real power woman.”, the former national player enthused about his wife. Even after four children, the influencer still looks as if she hadn’t given birth.

Source: celebtap.com