He has his own theory. Helene Fischer (38) had to make a confession to her fans a few days ago: her tour planned for April will be postponed. The reason for this is an injury that the “Herzbeben” interpreter sustained during rehearsals. While training for her show, she fractured a rib and is now in acute pain. However, Oliver Pocher has a completely different theory Helenes Concert cancellations!

“The pre-sale just wasn’t going like it normally does for Helene should run”he speculated on the podcast The Pochers here!. “This tour only pays off if it’s 100 percent sold out – but it’s not,” Oliver (45) continued to suspect. It’s a decent deal. He assumed that the interpreter of “Breathless through the night” was artificially reducing the concert dates due to the injury. For him it was a preparation for “let’s see how many appointments there are then.”

The pop singer is known for her spectacular stage shows. For example, during an appearance on “The Great Hit Jubilee”, she performed in an XXL skirt – which then burst into flames! The spectators watched in amazement: “Helene Fischer is on fire on German television. So literally”a user had the show at Twitter commented.

Source: celebtap.com