How did Amrei Haardt (33) feel about playing a miscarriage on TV during her own pregnancy? The actress has embodied the role of Nathalie Reichenbach in Everything That Counts since 2019. Things are also going great privately: in 2020 she said yes to her Chris and only recently the brunette announced that she was expecting her first child. Her role Nathalie, on the other hand, is less fortunate in this regard. How does the pregnant woman think? amrei about her portrayal of a miscarriage on TV?

In a press release from Picture Puzzle Media the 33-year-old explains: “To be honest, it wasn’t easy for me. I had to struggle with a lot of fears and luckily I had a great environment that was always able to get me out of the mood.” But she thinks the topic is extremely relevant: “Nevertheless, the story was or is very important to me because I know that being pregnant is not a given.”

Although the beauty only just announced the good news, she is already in the seventh month! “I’m very happy that it’s out now. It’s been a long time, I’ve had this wonderful being in me for seven months and the time has really flown by,” she said RTL-Interview out.