Temptation Island is where things get serious! Among others, Charline Grothe and Adrian Loevenich test their loyalty on the island of temptation. The latter also put his foot down on the seductresses – but the man from Düsseldorf not only flirted, he also divulged intimate details about sex life with his girlfriend. now shows Adrian however, acknowledgment for his wrongdoing Charline!

“My behavior in the villa was not cool at all. I think we are all aware of that,” he explains in his Instagram-Story. However, he explains that only fractions of what happened will be shown. “Of course I could have done a lot better, and what I did was absolutely wrong. But it happened and I stand by it.”, the muscle man lets his fans know. Also to flirt with his seductress Justina has Adrian a clear opinion: “In any case, no man should behave like this in a relationship.” Nevertheless, he was there to test his limits and he did.

Because of the blonde came Adrian in the eighth episode I couldn’t stop raving: “She’s already something of a soul mate, I feel like I’ve known her for years!” Justyna is very different from the other girls in the villa. That’s why the two even hatched a plan to steal a car and elope together.

Source: celebtap.com