Is Iris Klein (55) actually getting to know someone? At the beginning of the year, the former The Summer House of the Stars candidate separated from her husband Peter Klein (56). After all, he is said to have tied up with Yvonne Woelke (41). And indeed: In the meantime, her ex and the actress can be seen together again and again and are currently even in front of the camera for a joint TV show. Parallel sets too Iris Klein everything going on, the dating rumors to fuel them.

Via Instagram Splits iris on Friday some sequences of how she sits in the car with her daughter Daniela Katzenberger (36). It seems that the mother-daughter duo is alluding to a mysterious new lover of the 55-year-old. After Daniela claims her mother snores too loud to sleep next to “Mister T”, replies iris: “‘Mister T’ snores himself.”

It’s not the first time that iris draws attention to itself with cryptic hints. Earlier this week, she added a “T” to one of her selfies on her social media profile. She also placed this letter next to a clip yesterday in which she winked at the camera.