Welcome to the world! In January of this year, Jessie J (35) had great news to announce: together with her boyfriend, basketball player Chanan Colman, she is expecting her first offspring. The singer has even revealed the gender: It will be a boy! For the “Price Tag” interpreter, a great wish comes true – in 2021 she suffered a miscarriage. Now pure happiness is in the air: jessies babe is here

In your InstagramThe pop star revealed the story: “A week ago my whole life changed. My son came into this world and my heart doubled in size!” Jessie can hardly believe her luck. “I fly in love, it’s magical,” enthuses the new mom. Both she and the newborn are doing well. “I’m sucking in every second and I still can’t believe it’s real,” she says jessie their fans share in their emotional state.

The power woman expresses her gratitude to the fans: “To everyone who has followed my journey up to this moment, I thank you for your continued love and support.” She will be back on Instagram when she feels ready.

Source: celebtap.com