Sarah Valentina Winkhaus celebrates her late baby luck! The sports journalist and presenter works for Sky Germany, among others. In addition, the TV fame moderates different shows and could also be seen on RTL Top News, for example. Little is known about her private life, however. She recently revealed that even at 43, she hasn’t given up on becoming a mother. now showed Sarah surprisingly her little daughter Clara and revealed her relationship status!

With the news of having become a mother, she was surprised Sarah many fans. “In fact, very few people knew I was expecting a child”the television personality explained on Instagram. “I think it’s time you got to know her because from now on she will be a part of me, my life, my being as a woman, single mother, presenter and author,” continued the 43-year-old. So the mother makes no secret of not having a partner. However, she did not reveal exactly how little Clara came about.

But how are you? Sarah currently as a single mom? “What fascinates me personally about my new role is how much I’m learning right now. I’m learning serenity,” said the half-Italian. In any case, her fans are very happy for the new mother. “I have goosebumps everywhere. Congratulations. All the best to you and sweet Clara”wrote Michelle Monballijn, among others Instagram.