I guess he doesn’t like that at all! Rihanna (35) celebrated the birth of her first child in May last year. Her son is everything to her – but he will soon have a sibling. Because as the “Desperado” interpreter announced during her Super Bowl halftime show, she’s pregnant again. It is important to the entrepreneur not to let go despite pregnancy and she does sport regularly. But that bothers her little son very much!

Via Facebook shares the “Fenty Beauty” founder a clip, which shows her with her child in her arms. RiRi is wearing a black sports bra in the video, and it looks like the ‘Rude Boy’ hitmaker is ready for a little workout. But it seems as if her son wants to stop her. The singer accompanies her contribution with the words: “Look who doesn’t want their mom to exercise.” In the clip, children’s noises can be heard on TV. Rihanna’s Baby seems to prefer TV.

Apparently, the little one never leaves his mother’s side – even when she is away on business. So became rihanna seen walking out of a photo studio with him in her arms a few days ago. Mother and son seem to be particularly close.

Source: celebtap.com