It gets worse! Last summer it became known that footballer Gerard Piqué (36) and his then partner Shakira (46) had split up. The reason for the love-off is said to be the athlete’s affair with Clara Chia Marti been with whom he is currently dating. After the breakup, the “Waka Waka” interpreter is said to be with her sons Gerard’s parents fled and cried to her mother-in-law. Now came out – Gerard’s mother should Shakira hit!

How El Popular reported, the situation between the two women has been with since the love-off Gerard also not the best, since the doctor from the affair with Clara should have known. Now a family friend claims he saw Montserrat introduce her daughter-in-law to her Gerard and slapped the children in the face. However, it is unclear exactly when the incident happened. A new video has also surfaced in which Gerard’s Mother Shakira pinches her cheek to silence her.

Shakira was not on good terms with Montserrat after the breakup and therefore placed a life-size witch doll on her balcony. It has been speculated that it is no coincidence that it was pointed directly at her former mother-in-law’s apartment. In addition, Shakira had forbidden contact between her sons and their grandmother.