Everyone is talking about climate change – and rightly so. “A Thin Line” draws attention to the global problem on the streaming service Paramount+ in a very special way under the guise of a cyberthriller series.

Weydeman Bros / Paramount+

The climate crisis is undoubtedly the greatest global challenge of the 21st century. Without global countermeasures, global warming threatens to accelerate and become an inevitable catastrophe. Of course, this is mainly reflected in political programs, public debates and regular demonstrations, but it also leaves its mark on the entertainment industry – not only in terms of production conditions, but also in terms of the content of films and series.

However, it is still a rarity that large-scale series production fully addresses this problem. “A Thin Line” is one of those pressing exceptions, burning hot at a time when many feel the issue is still not being taken seriously enough by the general public. Because the thriller series jumps straight into a highly explosive field of tension by raising the question of how far it is necessary (and still justifiable) to go to really cause climate change…

The Story of “A Thin Line”

Young hacktivists and twin sisters Anna (Saskia Rosendahl) and Benni (Hanna Hilsdorf) have set themselves the task of uncovering environmental crime online together, but are becoming increasingly frustrated that they can’t bring about change quickly enough. But one day, a leaked hack on a government server thwarts their project. Anna is arrested and Benni flees underground.

Anna’s godfather Christoph (Peter Kurth) eventually convinces the computer expert to support his cybercrime unit at the BKA from now on. Benni, on the other hand, joins a radical new terrorist group that is not afraid of violent actions against the state and companies because of its environmental activism. So the two sisters suddenly find themselves on opposite sides – they’re both firmly convinced that they’re doing the right thing…

After “System Crasher” comes “A Thin Line”

With “Systemsprenger”, the producers Jonas and Jakob D. Weydemann already created an uncomfortable cinema highlight in 2019, which embeds a complex social problem in a fictional story that touches you to the bone. For their new project “A Thin Line”, which they are now even responsible for as showrunners, they have chosen a subject that is no less relevant – focusing less on the much-discussed climate change itself and more on (not dealing with it). is becoming.

The frustration at the slow countermeasures against such a massive, but still too abstract danger for many, is not only felt in the ranks of climate activists*, but is also increasingly permeating the personal environment of the rest of humanity. And if you think the whole thing through a little more, you inevitably come to the difficult moral discourse that is now at the heart of “A Thin Line” – aside from simple black and white painting.

» “A Thin Line” at Paramount +

A Thin Line launched February 16, 2023 on Paramount+. Two episodes can already be streamed there, the other four appear weekly on Thursdays. The first episode will also be shown completely free in the live stream on YouTube today, February 17 at 5 p.m., so that everyone can easily watch the series:

A Thin Line follows the sixth season of Spotlight, the second season of the reality series Germany Shore, the true-event-inspired dramedy The Sheikh and the nationally co-produced best-selling adaptation The Chemistry of Death. the streaming provider – even if it only started in Germany on December 8, 2022.