Jennifer Lopez (53) also had to learn to deal with her teenagers. The singer became the mother of twins in 2008: with her ex Marc Anthony (54) she has her daughter Emme (15) and her son Max (15). But the two are no longer small children. They only celebrated their 15th birthday in February. And old age seems to bring new challenges. jennifer now reveals how she deals with her teenagers.

In an interview with People speaks jennifer about her role as a mother. “I have teenagers now. Everyone warns you about this phase of life. And it’s definitely different from when they were little,” says the 53-year-old. In her upbringing, she tries above all to incorporate what she herself learned from her parents. A balance is important: “It’s about the balance between a partner, a friend and a parent. Knowing when to comfort them, when to be strict with them, and when to set boundaries.”

J.Lo made it clear how much she loves her twins on their birthday. On Instagram she shared a video with pictures of the two. In addition to current photos, there were also flashbacks to the childhood of the siblings. She emotionally wrote: “I’m so proud of you both, in every way. You bring so much joy and happiness to my heart and soul.”