Ari Boulogne died. Born in France, he had a difficult childhood: According to his mother, the German singer Nico, his father is the film legend Alain Delon (87). But the actor still denies paternity. During his lifetime, the photographer insisted that he was the son of Romy Schneider’s ex-boyfriend (✝43). This will probably remain a secret forever — because Ari passed away at the age of 60.

How Le Parisien was reported Ari found lifeless in his Paris apartment. According to prosecutors, one person was arrested at his apartment for failure to provide assistance. Nothing else is known, but the authorities want to initiate further investigations and “the circumstances […] clarify under which the death of the hemiplegic victim could have occurred.”

Ari was from Alains Mother adopted and raised – the film producer then cut ties with his mother. Fought until his death Ari for the recognition of paternity and even went to court. However, without success: the lawsuits were dismissed, since Alain has a place of residence in Switzerland.