James Corden (44) had a good reason to end his show. In 2022, the presenter announced that he would be turning his back on “The Late Late Show” and moving back to his native Great Britain. In the meantime, his last episode was already running successfully on US television and stars such as Harry Styles (29) visited him one last time. But even if his fans will surely miss him a lot – James left the show for the sake of his family.

“We really felt like there were a couple of health issues that came up during Covid that made us feel like there were too many signs telling us to go home”should James loud TheMirror have told. The fact that a number of family members had fallen ill then gave the decisive impetus. This mainly refers to his parents: “There are people at home who are getting older.” The 44-year-old believes that no fee in the world can replace being able to call his father spontaneously.

With his “The Late Late Show”. James especially the carpool karaoke famous. In his car he had already warbled with superstars like Celine Dion (55). For his last karaoke, the Brit was then surprised by a close friend: singer Adele (34). During the drive, the two didn’t exchange memories, but also sang the song “Hometown Glory” together one last time.

Source: celebtap.com