Hilary Swanks (48) Baby makes faxes! The actress is currently looking forward to her first offspring – and twice. Because together with her partner Phillip Schneider The “Million Dollar Baby” actress is looking forward to twins. They should soon be on their way to their parents. But before that, one of their unborn offspring amuses them Hilary still – and shows his Muckis!

On their Instagramprofile, the expectant mother recently published the current ultrasound image of one of her babies. In the picture, it looks like the fetus is showing its biceps – much to the delight of its mother. “Baby A flexes in front of the camera during the ultrasound,” wrote Hilary to the photo and added, alluding to the well-known film in which she had played a boxer: “The real million dollar baby!”

The strip from 2004 is one of the American’s greatest successes. The film had even been awarded numerous Oscars at the time – including in the categories “Best Film” and “Best Director”. Also Hilary himself had been able to look forward to a golden boy as best leading actress.

Source: celebtap.com