It’s going to be pretty expensive fun! Carmen Kroll Under the name Carmushka, she is considered one of the most successful influencers in Germany. The entrepreneur gets more than a million followers every day with her content. The mother regularly gives private insights into her everyday life. In videos, you can see the 31-year-old mostly on dreamlike trips, in modern looks or cute family moments. But now Carmushka is being prosecuted for one of her reels!

carmen may have to dig deep into their pockets – the blogger was recently sued for €100,000. Reason for this: You used illegal music in an Instagram reel for advertising purposes. The woman from Cologne posted on this occasion tiktok-Video. “Now I know, thanks for this lesson,” she commented under the post and added the hashtags #music law and #abmahnwelle.

Your fans react with divided opinion. “You know something like that when you work in the industry”, emphasized a follower under the post. “What? Then Instagram should completely deactivate the function right away,” wrote another in amazement. However, a follower has already given the all-clear: the sum is usually only a matter in dispute …