Jasmin Herren (44) now speaks plain language! Just two weeks ago, Nadja Abd el Farrag (58) gave a sign of life online after almost a year of abstinence. But on Thursday her supposedly good friend Daniel posted a post saying that there had been no contact with the moderator for several months. To date, the 58-year-old is said not to have reported – that makes it jasmine probably angry. After all the excitement, the pop singer now sends warning words to Naddel.

“I hope that you might see this video. I really think it’s absolutely inhumane how you treat your friends. I’ll just tell you the way it is”directs jasmine the words in her Instagram-Story to Dieter Bohlen’s ex-girlfriend (69). Previously, she reported on Naddel’s mental illness and therefore repeatedly emphasizes: “Then please let me help you too. That’s what I can’t understand. There are solutions for everything.”

And other stars are also thinking about the current situation Nadia. The entertainer Julian Stoeckel (36), for example, is quite irritated by Daniel’s call for help. “What worries me the most is that the ‘friends’ only notice after four months? If my best friends didn’t call in four days, I’d call the police!”he explained in one celebrity flash-Interview.

Source: celebtap.com