Nadja Abd el Farrag (58) continues to have problems dealing with money. As a woman on the side of Dieter Bohlen (69), she became known in the 90s – but since the separation in 2001, the singer has apparently found it difficult to find her place in life. There is always talk of alcohol problems, most recently she even went into hiding. And her fortune keeps raising questions: Nadja still doesn’t have her finances under control.

How Picture reports, she suffers from enormous financial difficulties and lives on welfare. Nadia herself admits in the program “Ellermanns Welt” to Patricia Blanco’s (52) fiancé Andreas Ellermann in relation to her handling of money: “If I have some in my wallet, I’ll knock it out. Even if I know there’s nothing left in the account.” If TV fame then had something on the account, she would enjoy life. “I can always suffer later,” she explains.

In her precarious situation, however, she can rely on Andreas. He helps Naddel with his foundation and is said to have got her an apartment and a mini job. “I know Nadia for many years and it goes without saying that I help her”the millionaire had declared.