His fans are blown away! Jason Momoa (43) has had some success as an actor. So he had, for example, in the films Aquaman or also “Dune” contributed. A few weeks ago he made the world of women and men very happy and quite naturally presented his bare buttocks in front of the camera. Even now, one or the other heart should beat faster again, because: In a new clip lets jason all covers fall!

In video format Gym & Fridge from Men’s Health the actor opens the door to his in-house gym for the camera team. But not in a sports outfit, but completely naked except for a dressing gown and a censorship bar that was added later. The 43-year-old then shows his refrigerator, which is filled with all sorts of bottles. The hottie continues to lead the men’s magazine team through the premises, dressed only in shorts. Later he presents his boxing skills on a punching bag and seems to be having a great time.

As jason A few weeks ago, he had already announced bare facts that he had only covered his best piece with a loincloth. This clip reached almost seven million views in a very short time and testifies that his fans must be very fond of his toned physique. He cleverly used this for his purposes and apparently successfully advertised his own fashion brand with it.

Source: celebtap.com