Désirée Nick (66) has to pay! The entertainer has already stepped on one or the other celebrity’s toes. In her podcast “Lose Luder” she regularly chats with other stars about everything and everything – or about colleagues. A joke will now make itself felt in her wallet: Because Désirée blasphemed about Iris Abel (55), she now has to pay her a fat fine!

Apparently, TV fame, together with Daniela Büchner (45), said about Iris in her podcast that she stinks. Iris sued against it and was now right by the Hamburg district court, how Picture reported. Now Désirée has to pay a fine of 10,000 euros to the farmer looking for a woman. On the other hand, she wants to appeal.

Désirée also made it clear to the newspaper that she didn’t think much of the whole thing: “This ensures that exactly those statements are disseminated that allegedly cause Ms. Abel such enormous pain. Who pays this time? None of my 100 podcast guests would have ever taken action against me, but neither did she make it onto my illustrious guest list nor into the Big Brother house.” It is also a limitation for the entire podcast industry and an embarrassment.

Source: celebtap.com