Natalie Portman (41) shares her view. The actress has already acted in numerous films and has won numerous prizes such as an Oscar. Her next film ‘May December’ recently premiered at the Cannes Film Festival – but the subject is controversial. Natalie took this as an opportunity to speak out against the expectations of women in the film industry.

How People reported, Natalie expressed her views at Cannes, citing the festival as an example of how different expectations are placed on men and women. “This aspect, even here – the different behaviors that are expected of us women at this festival, also compared to men. How we are supposed to look and behave.”, she explained. This is also evident in the film industry, which is why, as a woman, she is often criticized for her decisions.

On the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, stars don their smartest dresses and suits – evening wear is a must. This year, however, two women in particular stood out who did not necessarily stick to the dress code: Jennifer Lawrence (32) wore flip-flops under her red evening dress! Irina Shayk (37), on the other hand, appeared almost half-naked and wore a daring outfit.