What does Nathalie Volk (26) mean with this statement? The former Germany’s next top model candidate made her relationship with Frank Otto (65) public in early 2016. At the end of 2020, the couple had separated but tried to keep in touch. In March of last year, the two then announced their love comeback. Just a few months ago, they made it clear how happy the Nienburg native and the entrepreneur are with a sweet kissing photo. It still is Frank for Nathalie not the man for life at all?

In a Instagram-Question round, a fan wanted to know from the 26-year-old if she would like to get married at some point. She answered: “Yes, if the right man comes along.” Is Frank maybe not the right one? That let Nathalie open. But she made it clear that she was still taken and that love made her very strong.

In July 2022, the 26-year-old had an interview with Gala TV already talked about a possible marriage – but with Frank: “Frank has proposed to me before and yes – of course it’s all up to him.” But she didn’t want to force him into anything. “You don’t have to get married anymore anyway,” he said Nathalie.

Source: celebtap.com