Hope dwindles as the days pass with no sign of Nathan Millard. The 42-year-old Conyers construction worker flew to Baton Rouge for a short business trip, but he seemed to have vanished into thin air.

His wife, Amber Millard, said her husband failed to show up for a meeting with a client the next morning. The last time she spoke to him was Wednesday night when they had a Facetime call while he was at a basketball game.

Nathan is last seen leaving Happy’s Irish Pub on Third Street, where he went with a customer after the game. When hotel staff checked his room, they found no signs of anyone staying there.

The investigation revealed that Nathan’s phone was found on the corner of Seventh Street and Florida Street, four blocks away from the Courtyard Marriott where he was staying.

In addition, someone used Nathan’s bank card at the Greyhound bus station, which was less than a mile from the hotel.

Nathan Millard’s disappearance has left his family and friends in trouble. His wife said she lives in a nightmare and prays for a miracle.

Nathan is a stepfather to two teenage boys and has two sons from a previous marriage. He also shares a daughter with Amber who is only seven years old.

As the investigation progresses, his loved ones continue to hope that Nathan will be found soon and return safely to his family.

Statement from Milllard’s wife

According to Nathan Millard’s wife, he has not returned to his hotel and his case is under investigation as a missing person.

She hopes for additional evidence, especially CCTV footage, to surface that sheds light on his movements that night.

Nathan was supposed to meet his business client at a building the next day, but he was not there. Baton Rouge police have not confirmed much of what Millard’s wife reported, saying only that the case is under investigation.