Melanie Müller (34) has slowly lost all sympathy. She was once a celebrated pop singer and reality TV participant – but since more and more allegations have been made that her connection to the right milieu has been raised, the mother of two has been writing negative headlines. Although she repeatedly emphasizes that she has no right attitude, the signs of it are increasing. That’s why melanie now even expelled from the football stadium!

How Picture reported was melanie in the game of their home club RB Leipzig against Hertha BSC appeared in Berlin in the guest block. One of her male companions – said to be her boyfriend Andrew Kunz acted – is said to have worn a jacket from a right-wing extremist brand. After security personnel were informed, the group was flown out of the stadium. melanie however, denies that the jacket wearer was her boyfriend: “It was someone standing next to us.”

But the fans don’t seem to believe that and position themselves clearly against the former Bachelor girl in the following game against Augsburg. “No Safespace for Nazis. M. Müller out of the ZS” (Central Stadium, editor’s note), can be read on a large banner in the Leipzig Stadium. In addition, the club should melanie have pointed out that showing up at home games is “not a good idea”.