Was Duchess Meghan (41) at the coronation after all? When Charles (74) was proclaimed King of Great Britain on Saturday, the monarch’s large family gathered. With one exception: Prince Harry’s wife (38) stayed at home in her adopted home of Montecito, where she wanted to celebrate her son Archie’s (4) fourth birthday. But fans think the mother-of-two was present at the ceremony!

On Twitter sparked an amusing discussion – many users believe that the 41-year-old had attended the service incognito. According to the network, none other than Meghan is said to have hidden under a guest with a mustache and glasses. These were keyboard players Karl Jenkinswho sat in the church alongside the other celebs. “This is Meghan Markle in disguise” and “[Meghan]you can’t fool us…”read the comments.

But it is just a little joke that some wanted to make. Because Meghan was probably already longingly waiting for her loved one, who flew to the USA after the coronation. Daily Mail lay Recordings In which Harry was spotted in a black SUV at the Los Angeles airport.

Source: celebtap.com