The headlines about Verena Kerth (41) and Marc Terenzi’s (44) relationship don’t stop. In the past few weeks, rumors have been circulating that there are repeated arguments between the presenter and the singer. Pictures appeared on which Verena seemed to wipe tears from his eyes. Was almost at the same time Marc kicked out of his band for allegedly making several missteps and turning up at a rehearsal with a black eye. Now a good friend of the musician claims Verena would hit him.

Picture there is a video recorded in 2018 that is supposed to show how this year’s jungle camp candidate gave the father of three a slap in the face. Mandy Johnson, who starred several years ago Marc was together, told the paper: “The fact that Verena hitting him is humiliating for Marc, so he says nothing. He can’t separate from her, there are contracts.” He has nothing and is currently dependent on being invited to events with her. “He called me several times, cried. Ever since he Verena together, his children don’t want to have anything to do with him anymore, which makes him suffer a lot”, described the 33-year-old. She’s worried about Marc and would like to bring him back to America: “I would like him to finally get out of this toxic relationship.” Mandy added that Marc not a bad person, just doing a lot of things wrong. “He has a trauma from his childhood that he never processed. He takes hits but would never hit back, especially not a woman,” she emphasized.

Verena clearly denies the allegations. “The limit of what is tolerable has been reached with this level of escalation. Even the latest allegations and allegations have nothing to do with them. They are malicious and untrue. There was and is no violence in our relationship.”the native of Munich told the newspaper in a phone call, in which also Marc should have been present. According to her, the allegations are character assassination and false statements of fact.