After Martina Hill, whose sketch show “HILLarious” just started, now two more comedy legends, Anke Engelke and Bastian Pastewka, who were involved in “LOL: Last One Laughing”, are getting their own show., Inc. or its subsidiaries

“LOL: Last One Laughing” is a worldwide phenomenon and the show format also hit Germany like a humor bomb. For many fans, a reunion with the old comedy stars of the 90s is also a point that adds to the charm of the show: when Annette Frier meets Mirco Nontschew, Max Giermann or Wigald Boning, memories of cult formats such as ” The Weekly Show”, “Switch” or “RTL Saturday Night”.

After Martina Hill, whose sketch comedy series “HILLarious” just launched on Amazon Prime Video, two more “LOL” stars are now getting their own Amazon show. As the streaming provider has now announced, sta Anne Engelke And Bastian Pastewka soon in front of the camera for a joint comedy series.

The program, which does not yet have a title, should also provide a good mood on Amazon Prime Video in 2024. The comedy series is produced by bildundtonfabrik (btf), which has also been responsible for successful formats such as “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” and “Neo Magazin Royale”.

Pastewka & Engelke: a comedy dream team

It is not the first time that Anke Engelke and Bastian Pastewka are in front of the camera together. In addition to their joint “LOL” season, fans should have especially remembered their time on “Die Wochenshow”. Here the two “LOL” fan favorites created cult figures such as Ottmar Zittlau, Ricky, Brisko Schneider or the Schlager couple Wolfgang & Anneliese, who also revive Engelke and Pastewka for special programs several times after the end of the comedy show.

Anke Engelke was also a welcome guest star in “Pastewka”, the German version of “Leave it, Larry!”, in which Bastian Pastewka plays an alternate version of himself and finds himself in terrible and wonderfully absurd situations over and over again.

What’s the new Amazonseries and whether the two acting stars in the show will use existing characters or slip into completely new roles is not yet known.

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