After series highlights such as “Babylon Berlin” or “Das Boot”, Sky moves with the new original “Drift – Partners In Crime” to areas of action that are far too rarely served in this country. The series is not the provider’s only exciting novelty.

The boom in the streaming market has, among other things, ensured that people in Germany in a somewhat freer environment are more inclined to approach genre material that is often neglected in the classic TV landscape in this country. Whether it’s mystery like “Dark”, sci-fi dystopia like “Tribes Of Europa” (both Netflix), horror like “Hausen” (Sky) or a thriller like “You Are Wanted” (Amazon), the The landscape of the German series has become much more diverse in recent years.

But even in the local streaming realm, there’s one genre that seems to shy away from it: action! But exactly this gap wants now the new Sky seriesDrift – Partners in Crimewhich begins today, February 24, 2023. Right at the start, the first five episodes of the first season can be viewed via Sky Q and the streaming service WOW, the other five will follow in the autumn.

“Drift – Partners in Crime” at WOW*

Action of the forge “Cobra 11”.

If you dare to try action entertainment in Germany, the production forge of action concepts is usually not far away. The stunt and explosion professionals are best known for their work on RTL productions such as “Alarm für Cobra 11” and “Der Clown”, in which they already let it go (regardless of what you think of the series).

However, in the company’s new project, the action isn’t just a means to an end, it serves the characters and the plot. After watching the first few episodes, we can say that while the latter don’t necessarily excel in originality and sometimes suffer from clumsily written dialogue, In addition to the solid action, the series also scores with the nice buddy dynamics of its well-acted duo of main characters and a refreshingly ambivalent villain.

That’s what “Drift” is about

During a seemingly simple prisoner transfer, police officer Ali Zeller (Ken Duken) and his partner (Angelina Häntsch) are suddenly attacked by mercenaries on the highway – ultimately leading to a catastrophe with multiple fatalities. As the public and internal investigation focuses its attention on the incident, Ali and his brother Leo (Fabian Busch) try to find out who is behind it all.

The two completely different cops, whose relationship has been badly broken since a family tragedy, soon stumble upon a large-scale conspiracy that reaches high police circles and puts their lives in grave danger…

Also new at Sky & WOW: “The song of the crayfish”

“Drift – Partners In Crime” isn’t the only new title Sky and WOW subscribers can look forward to today. So now the thriller drama “The song of the crayfish“ found its way into the program of the pay-TV provider.

“The Crayfish Song” at WOW*

In the film adaptation of Delia Owens’ critically acclaimed bestselling novel, a woman who grew up in the swamps of North Carolina (Fresh and Normal People star Daisy Edgar-Jones) becomes a murder suspect in the late 1960s. to fight for their freedom. The scenic sets and strong actors make the mix of love story and crime thriller a movie experience worth watching.

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