Snap, snap – hair off! This year’s DSDS juror Katja Krasavice (26) is known for her unusual colorful looks. Especially when it comes to her hair, the rapper seems to be particularly keen to experiment: from platinum blonde to bright pink to rainbow colors, almost all hairstyles were already there. Aside from the color, she prefers to wear her hair long. Well indulged Katya but a short hairstyle!

In a new video on tik tok the singer wrote with shocked emojis: “I cut my hair very short. Everything comes off.” And that’s how it happened: First her roots were freshly bleached, then her pink tips were cut off and the platinum blonde short haircut with a sleek look was finished!

In any case, her fans are totally enthusiastic about her makeover: “Even that looks good. Anything that doesn’t suit her?”, “Oh my God! You really have courage!” or “That looks great on you!” Some of them commented under the post.