The Netflix program is packed again in March. In addition to season 4B of “You – Du will love me”, you can also expect the sequels of film and series hits such as “Shadow And Bone”, “Sex/Life” and “Murder Mystery”.


A new month is upon us and with it a lot of streaming additions are announced at Netflix. In March 2023, several of the provider’s megahits will enter the much-anticipated next round, including the fantasy adventure “Shadow And Bone – Legenden der Grisha”, for the second season of which fans also had to wait two full years as the crime comedy “Murder Mystery “, in the sequel “Murder Mystery 2” the amateur investigative duo Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston this time deal with a global kidnapping case.

Meanwhile, now disgraced cop John Luther, played by Idris Elba, makes his investigative comeback in Luther: The Fallen Sun, a Netflix exclusive sequel to the critically acclaimed crime series Luther. There is also more of Riverdale, where the seventh and final season begins, and also of the popular (ex) stalker Joe (Penn Badgley), who died a month after the first half of the fourth season of You love, returns with the remaining five episodes of the season. And with “Kill Boksoon”, the Korean answer to “John Wick” will now only appear on the streaming service shortly after its premiere at the Berlinale.

In addition, at the beginning of the new month, you can again look forward to a concentrated increase in the licensed movie catalog, this time with the strong Brad Pitt sci-fi drama “Ad Astra – To the Stars”, which (less strong) action hit “GI Joe – Secret Mission Cobra”, and the pilot movie for the 1970s Marvel cult series “The Incredible Hulk”. Below is the full list of Netflix reboots known for March 2023:

The new movies and series in March on Netflix

March 1

March 2nd

“Sex/Life” – Season 2 “The Fourniret Case – Inside the Mind of Monique Olivier” – Miniseries “Karate Sheep” – Season 1

3 March

“It’s You” “Next In Fashion” – Season 2

6 March

Unlock My Boss – Season 1

8 March

“Faraway” “MH370 – The Missing Plane” – Season 1

9th of March

10th of March

March 14

Mar. 15

“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” – Season 12 “Below Deck” – Season 6

March 16

17th of March

March 22nd

Miniseries “Waco: American Apocalypse”.

March 23

29 March

Wellmania season 1

30 March

March 31st


Finally, an important note: The above films and series are only the titles that Netflix announced in advance via press release. As always, further unannounced catalog titles will appear on the streaming platform as the month progresses, and at the same time, individual titles may not be published as scheduled on the date indicated.