The upcoming Netflix week is not only about sparkling eroticism and romance, but can also yield a lot of strong and less strong film additions. We introduce you to the highlights of the streaming service.

Netflix/studios from the 20th century

As for its own productions, Netflix has no major new hits to offer for the next seven days (although many should at least be happy with the second season of the love triangle series “Sex/Life”), but around the turn of the month there will be another a whole. Lots of new movies, one of which we would like to recommend to you in particular.

You can find more about this and the other titles that the streaming provider offers in the following article Netflix highlights of the week from February 27 to March 5, 2023as always clearly sorted by day of the week:

Monday: Calm before the storm

On Monday, you’ll still have plenty of time to work off the pent-up streaming content from the past week – or, of course, stream the latest installment of the critically acclaimed video game adaptation, The Last Of Us, on WOW. Netflix refrains from radical innovations.

Tuesday: Reality and Stand-Up

It will also remain quiet on Tuesday for film and series enthusiasts when it comes to supplies. Unless you’re one of the many fans of the Netflix reality hype “Too Hot To Handle” aka “Finger away!” “Too Hot to Handle: Germany” now gets a German spin-off, which is also about a group of attractive singles who are locked together and have to do without sex for the duration of the show to win prize money.

Stand-up fans can also look forward to the new program from British comedy star Jamie Demetriou, who “A whole life” musically through the stages of life.

Wednesday: New month, new movies

At the beginning of the new month, Netflix gives you another colorful bouquet with very different films – from the documentary, which is definitely worth checking out Merkel – power of freedom and the Ruhrpott cult comedy What doesn’t fit will be custom made about the animation adventure Knight Trek and the star-studded (but not particularly successful) bestselling film adaptation The circle to action blockbusters GI Joe – Secret Mission Cobra and the pilot for the old school Marvel series The Incredible Hulk.

But all this is topped by the atmospheric sci-fi drama Ad Astra – To the stars, in which Brad Pitt tries to send a message to his missing father, Tommy Lee Jones. The delayed film is certainly not for everyone, but it is absolutely unique to us and certainly worth the 4 out of 5 stars we gave it in our review at the time.

Aside from these licensed titles, Netflix Today you sleep with me but then also a Polish original film about a mother who struggles with her regular family life and therefore flirts with an affair, which with this very similar premise gets you in the mood for the sizzling entertainment that awaits you on Netflix on Thursday…

Thursday: “Sex/Life” season 2

…because here goes the series after almost two years of waiting Sex/Lifein the second seasonin which we finally learn how Billie (Sarah Shani) is torn between her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) and her tomboyish ex-boyfriend Brad (Adam Demos) after her unexpected decision in the first season finale goes through.

In addition, but also gets the Italian comedy series Cheated! its second season, in which the two TV technicians Salvo (Salvatore Ficarra) and Valentino (Valentino Picone) will probably stumble from one blunder into the next.

Friday: kissing with unexpected consequences

After Netflix has already raised a lot during the week, this time smaller streaming sandwiches are again baked on the actually classic Netflix release Friday. But RomCom fans were allowed to come along You are the one get their money’s worth, in which the main character has the unusual gift of always envisioning the relationship with the kissed person when he kisses – which ends up being more of a curse than a blessing for him.

Saturday: Chris Rock enters new Netflix territory

It was already announced at the end of 2022 and now it is being put into practice: with its new stand-up special “Selective Outrage” Superstar Chris Rock will host a live event for the first time in Netflix history – which can of course also be accessed via the platform afterwards.

Sunday: Calm after the storm

As the week began, so it ends. No Netflix innovations have been announced for Sunday, but Netflix and other streaming providers should have collected enough material in recent days to certainly not bore you. You can read which new Netflix films and series await you in the coming weeks in the following monthly overview of March:

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