Attention Outer Banks fans: starting today, the entire third season of the popular adventure series can be streamed on Netflix! Also new: the adaptation of the manga series “Chihirosan” by Hiroyuki Yasuda.

Outer Banks fans can breathe easy these days! The favorite series, which is all about adventurous quests, family dramas and various affairs, finally continues. The third season of “Outdoor benches‘ is available today on Netflix and there is more good news. The streaming service recently announced that there will also be a fourth season!

This may not come as a surprise to Outer Banks fans, since the creators already announced during the first season that there would be at least four more rounds. But in recent months we must all have become painfully aware that this is no guarantee of a sequel. After all, Netflix has scrapped numerous series that had a lot of potential for sequels. However, “Outer Banks” is likely to work out very well for Netflix in terms of cost-benefit and was internationally popular and successful. Season 4 is absolutely safe.

That’s what Season 3 “Outer Banks” is all about

The Pogues now live on a lonely island they’ve named Poguelandia and let the sun shine on their bellies. Fishing, swimming and partying – if you didn’t know what the gang has already been through, you’d almost think of vacation. But appearances can be deceiving and Jon B (Chase Stokes) and his friends soon go on a treasure hunt again – and fight to the death again.

The ten new episodes of “Outer Banks” will be available on Netflix from February 23, 2023. It is not yet clear when the fourth season will follow.

This is the manga adaptation “Call Me Chihiro”

If you don’t fancy “Outer Banks” and maybe just want to see a movie instead of a series, you should check out the new Netflix movie “Call me Chihiro” to throw. The drama is an adaptation of Hiroyuki Yasuda’s (“Shomuni”) manga series “Chihirosan”.

And what is Call Me Chihiro about? About the former sex worker Chihiro (Kasumi Arimura), who dares to make a new start in a small Japanese coastal town and wants to leave her past behind. Chihiro quickly finds a job at a fast food restaurant in her new house and quickly becomes one of the most popular waitresses. She always has an open ear for her guests and listens to the life stories of her customers. In addition, she is always ready to help and advise. However, she doesn’t feel happy, because Chihiro is actually quite lonely…

The drama “Call Me Chihiro” can also be found on Netflix from today, February 23.

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