At Let’s Dance everything is different in the upcoming show! The moderators Victoria Swarovski (29) and Daniel Hartwich (44) caused a big surprise in the last episode of the popular dance show: For show six, all the celebrities swapped their dance partner. That didn’t go down well with all the stars. But how did the first days of training for the candidates from Knossi (36), Timon Krause (28) and Co. go without their usual dance partners?

“Everything that happens here can’t be real. It will be as strange as on day one.”doubted Knossi first in RTL-Interview whether the partner swap is really such a good idea. He and his dance partner Isabel Edvardsson (40) are now a heart and soul. In the next show, the entertainer dances along Maria Maksina (25) – but to Knossis Surprise he harmonizes with Maria just as good as with Isabel. “She torments me, but it’s super fun,” said the streamer.

Also Timon Krause finds the partner swap very exciting. The mentalist does not dance with Ekaterina Leonova (35) on Friday, but with her Isabel. “It’s super fascinating how different Ekat and Isabel shape the training structure,” said the author Instagram. Patricija Ionel (28) and Ali Güngörmüs (46) managed to dance through their choreography several times on Monday. “It’s like winning the lottery”, the star chef was enthusiastic. The atmosphere between Christina Luft (33) and Philipp Boy (35) was also “great”, the new couple was happy.