Princess Charlotte (8) has every reason to celebrate! More than ten years ago, her parents Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (41) said yes. In the years that followed, they crowned their love with the birth of their three children, George (9), Charlotte and Louis (5). The royals made it clear just a few days ago how quickly time has passed: their youngest offspring turned five years old. But that should not be enough with the party mood: Charlotte celebrates her eighth birthday!

On Instagram the heir-to-be and his wife shared a cute snap on their only daughter’s anniversary: In the shot, Charlotte is sitting on a white armchair with a big grin. “We wish Princess Charlotte happy birthday,” it says under the post. The heartwarming picture was shot by none other than Mama Kate.

The royal fans are delighted with the snapshot: “Happy birthday! She looks so happy”, “So beautiful! Happy birthday, Princess Charlotte!” or “The cute girl is already so big – and still her father’s twin”are just a few of the countless comments.