Fans of the British royal family can look forward to new pictures! Last week the time had finally come and King Charles III. (74) was officially crowned British monarch in a traditional ceremony. This means that the members within the line of succession also climb one step up. Now there is a first portrait showing Charles together with the future kings.

Via Instagram The British royal couple likes to keep their fans up to date – including new snapshots and official portraits. A new recording shows the newly crowned king in imposing robes sitting on the throne, while the heir to the throne Prince William (40) and the future heir to the throne Prince George (9) are at the side of the 74-year-old. The monarch’s son and grandson are also dressed in their respective uniforms.

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe also knows how important the succession to the throne is to the king: According to him, Charles wants to prepare his eldest son now for his future role as head of state. “That will be a priority, as will trying to guide William as his heir and to bring him up to the task he has inherited.”he revealed to FoxNews.