Things could get hot with these seducers! Temptation Island will start the next round on March 30th. These are the four couples who will face the adventurous Cheating format: Nico Legat and Sarah, Louis and Tatum, Adam and Loreen, and Adrian and Charline. It won’t be easy for the ladies to resist the temptation this year: The seducers are extremely hot!

The cast has now been made by RTL announced. There are also some celebrity men among them. Are You The One? muscle man Antonino De Niro and Take Me Out hottie Elionas are also part of the party – there are also two former Bachelorette boys at the start: Fabiano Carrozzo and Philip Krause. These grenades will probably drive one or the other lady crazy.

The reality TV celebrities still get seducer amplification from other hot men though: Chris, Keenan, Kevin, Lucas, Mikael, Pascal and Tim are sure to cause quite a stir at the mansion too. Which seducer do you see as having the most cheating potential? Vote now in the poll.