She has a new tattoo! Anna-Carina Woitschack (30) is a German singer and became known in 2011 for her participation in the talent show DSDS, where she took eighth place. Two of their albums reached the top ten in the charts a short time later. In 2020, the blonde married the musician Stefan Mross (47) in front of the cameras on the TV show “Schlagerlovestory”. But the couple announced their separation in November 2022. Is Anna-Carina ending this chapter once and for all with her new tattoo?

“It’s a special day,” the singer began Instagramstory and shared with her followers that she’s getting another tattoo. It should be a very special tattoo: “It will be a lettering. I’ll tell you that now. A sentence that means a lot to me and absolutely fits into my last few months.”, explained Anna-Carina. A little later, she revealed the message online: “Never a mistake, always a lesson.” Was she alluding to her ex-relationship?

“It will not be a love tattoo”, Anna-Carina clarified beforehand. And that despite the fact that she was married to Stefan for almost two years. However, this is now firmly in the hands of Anna-Carina’s former best friend: Eva Luginger. However, the singer seems to have found peace with it. After all, she’s taken again.