Amazon Prime Video has two top titles at the start today. A series starring Christoph Waltz is brand new and exclusive to the streaming service, the star-studded movie “Die Hart” was previously a series…

We introduce you to the two titles that are new today – including a new episode “Carnival Row” – and are now even available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

“The Consultant”: Christoph Waltz again as a bully

Christoph Waltz plays management consultant Regus Patoff in The Consultant. As friendly as he may seem at first glance, don’t be too happy if he shows up in your own company. The employees of an IT company around Craig (Nat Wolff) also have to find out when their boss suddenly disappears and one day Patoff appears at their door. Although he has no idea about the cell phone games that are programmed here, he soon seizes control of the company. Soon the first layoffs will fall and even after work Craig and Co. not safe for him. And soon the horror really begins…

“The Advisor” on Amazon Prime Video*

The Consultant consists of eight episodes of just over 30 minutes each. All episodes are now available on Amazon Prime Video.

“Die Hart”: Kevin Hart wants to be an action star

In the comedy “Die Hart” the American comedian Kevin Hart plays himself, he has had enough that his action films always have to be funny. He finally wants to become a really serious and big action star. The dream seems to come true when legendary director Claude Van De Velde (Jean Reno) wants to give him the leading role in his new film. But to do that, Hart has to see action coach Ron Wilcox (John Travolta), who turns out to be pretty goofy because he believes movie action should be completely real. But co-stars Jordan King (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Josh Hartnett (playing himself) help Kevin Hart survive the ordeal…

“Die Hart” on Amazon Prime Video*

The action comedy, the title of which refers to Die Hard Incidentally, 2020 was originally a series from the short-lived, soon-to-be discontinued streaming service Quibi. The fact that a film version is now appearing on Amazon is due to Quibi’s special orientation. There they explicitly wanted to make series to watch on mobile phones – which meant that films of about 90 minutes were actually produced, which were then split into series of about ten minutes. Amazon is now just putting these episodes back together so they actually make a movie. That’s how it was done with “Most Dangerous Game” – incidentally with a nasty Christoph Waltz in the lead role, which actually completes the circle in this article.

One comment is allowed. Although “Die Hart” can now be seen exclusively as a film in Germany, a second series season will follow. The American streaming service The Roku Channel has secured the rights and is working on a second season. Of course it’s called “Die Harter” – in reference to the original title “Die Harder” of “Die Harder”. It remains to be seen how the series, in which John Cena joins Kevin Hart, will come to Germany. Since Roku probably isn’t following the Quibi concept with episodes for fast cell phone snacking, it really could show up as a series here.

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