It celebrated its home theater debut on October 28, 2022 and a few months later it is already available as a streaming subscription: “Project Gemini” offers science fiction with great visuals and weaknesses in content.

“Project Gemini” was released in many countries in early 2022. However, it took a few months longer for the sci-fi horror film, reminiscent of classics like “Event Horizon” and “Alien”, to make its way to Germany – until October 28. Less than four months later, the film is already available as a streaming subscription:

“Project Gemini” is now available for subscription Amazon Prime Video contain and is now available to subscribers at no additional cost:

» “Project Gemini” on Amazon Prime Video*

Fans of spectacularly illustrated space adventures can look forward to visual highlights. However, if you also hope for a story with substance, then you have to lower your expectations of the film. “Project Gemini” is therefore completely in the tradition of those Russian blockbusters from the recent past such as “Attraction”, “Superdeep” or “Guardians”, where style clearly prevails over substance.

“Project Gemini”: Brain-out cinema with bombastic qualities

In “Project Gemini”, the Earth is about to collapse. So an international team of astronauts must look for a new potential home for humans. Also on board: a terraforming machine to modify the new planet for colonization.

But just as the radio link to Earth is lost, the crew receives a mysterious signal from deep space that apparently has an effect on Earth’s ecosystem. So the crew sets out to find the origin of the signal, which appears to come from an unknown celestial body outside our solar system…

Sci-Fi masterpiece: what is arguably the best movie of recent years is now available for the first time as a streaming subscription

We haven’t seen “Project Gemini”, but for proper classification we want to make it clear that despite parallels in content with movies like “Event Horizon” or “Interstellar” you can’t expect a movie comparable to those popular Hollywood hits. Only 12 percent of the public vote on Rotten Tomatoes is positive, and the user reviews on Amazon paint a clear picture as well:

“Reducing action instead of depth”, “technically superior competition tricks”, “CGI effects that turned out great” – yes, especially visually, “Project Gemini” has a lot to offer. But further? Probably not too much. Both the wooden dialogues, logical holes and the numerous clichés that director Serik Beyseu and his author duo Natalya Lebedeva and Dmitriy Zhigalov use here are criticized.

If you just fancy big shots, you can definitely take a look, but otherwise don’t expect too much. In a way, the movie is the opposite of another recently available for subscription to Prime: “The Pink Cloud”.

» “The Pink Cloud” on Amazon Prime Video*

In the somewhat different, relatively minimalistic, but all the more tangible science fiction film from Brazil in Corona times, Giovana (Renata de Lélis) and Yago (Eduardo Mendonça) end up in the box together for a one-night stand – and have to find out the next morning that they are now locked up together. Because outside, a mysterious pink cloud seems to kill everyone it touches with its poisonous vapor.

“The Pink Cloud” developed into a global festival hit in 2021, screened at the renowned Sundance Film Festival and delighted the trade press with its “accurate observations of human behavior”. Rotten Tomatoes has a whopping 93 percent positive reviews.

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