If you’re looking for an extraordinary genre mix of action, romance, espionage and comedy, you should check out the Disney+ reboots. From today you will find an exciting film by director James Mangold there.

On June 29, 2023, Indiana Jones and the Call of Destiny, the highly anticipated fifth installment of the popular adventure film series starring Harrison Ford, hits theaters. We are already hearing new details about the film and the rumor mill is running at full speed. At the center: director James Mangold, who has his hands full managing the latest news and keeping the fans happy. Because it’s very likely that it will be the last time Ford slips into his famous role of adventurous archaeologist – and of course Indy fans are hoping for a very special film.

A look at his filmography quickly shows that Mangold already has a lot of experience with action and adventure films. For example, there are the two “X-Men” spin-offs “Wolverine: Way of the Warrior” and “Logan – The Wolverine”, which focus on suspense and a dark atmosphere. And even at “Le Mannes 66 – Against Every Chance” people sat in the cinema seats anything but bored and relaxed. If you want to see what Mangold does with the combination of action, adventure and comedy before Indiana Jones 5, we recommend a completely different movie:

The action comedy”Knight and dayby director James Mangold Disney+. Starring Tom Cruise (“Top Gun 2”), Cameron Diaz (“Bad Teacher 2”), and Peter Sarsgaard (“The Batman”), the movie was released in 2010, but should still be fun.

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In our CELEBTAP review, “Knight and Day” got a solid three stars, scoring especially for the great performances of the actors*, fast car chases and the extraordinary mix of genres. You can read more here:

The official MOVIE STARTS review of “Knight And Day”

That’s what “Knight and Day” is about

June Havens (Diaz) and Roy Miller (Cruise) don’t know each other when they first meet at the airport. Yet they are quite pleased with each other a short time later on the plane. Before they can get closer, there are a few dead on board – Miller had to get rid of assassins sent to kill him. But it gets even more adventurous.

After landing the Boeing, Miller kidnaps June and embarks on a wild chase with her. The two are not only pursued by unscrupulous arms dealers, but also by the FBI and the CIA. How good that the different personalities of the duo complement each other perfectly…

Knight and Day premieres today on Disney+.

Scientists clarify: this is how you no longer fall asleep on the couch while watching a movie

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