Nicolas Cage’s career has finally been on the rise for a few years now. And one of the highlights for any fan of the cult mime is now available more than eight months after its theatrical release on Sky and as a subscription to WOW: “Massive Talent”.

Fans of romcom cult star (“Two Million Dollar Tip”, “Moonstruck”), action icon (“The Rock”, “Face/Off”) and Academy Award winner (for “Leaving Las Vegas”) Nicolas Cage had it post-millennium not always easy. Because even die-hard fans of the man with a thousand faces had to admit that there are movies that even Nic Cage, playing to his heart’s content, can’t save. But that time is over. For some time now, Cage has not only been a figurehead of genre cinema that is often worth seeing, at least original, but is also celebrated – for example with “Massive Talent”.

In this, Nicolas Cage not only plays himself, but also relives many of his biggest blockbusters and cult roles. However, after the film did not find the recognition it deserved in the cinema with just over 100,000 cinema tickets sold in Germany, we can only hope that it is now experiencing its second spring in home cinema or streaming: “Massive Talent” is now running on Sky and is also on the streaming platform WOW (formerly Sky Ticket) available:

››“Huge talent” at WOW*

Massive Talent only grossed $29.1 million worldwide, a losing proposition for studio Lionsgate, which cost the film $30 million to produce (advertising costs on top of that). A shame, because ‘Massive Talent’ celebrates one of the biggest and most bizarre audience favorites of the dream factory. However, we are confident that the film will still lead the way in home cinema. One thing is certain for us: catching up is worthwhile.

“Massive Talent”: Nicolas Cage’s full load

Nicolas Cage (Nicolas Cage) was once a superstar, but that is long gone. A role in the new film from an exceptional director (David Gordon Green) could put him back on track, but the actor has completely different problems: his own daughter wants nothing to do with him anymore and he’s broke. top of that! Since billionaire Javier Gutierrez’s (Pedro Pascal) offer is just right. Because the great Cage lover offers his favorite actor a million dollars to perform at his birthday party.

Cage agrees and, against the odds, soon finds himself on a top-secret CIA mission. Gutierrez is said to be an arms dealer and is also said to have kidnapped a politician’s daughter – and this is exactly what the Secret Service now wants to save with the help of Cage. It’s just stupid that something like a friendship develops between the two men in such a short time…

Stream for free (!): You can now see Nicolas Cage in one of his best roles on Amazon – without a Prime subscription

“Massive Talent” is a true feast for Nicolas Cage fans, who can look forward to a career best-of of sorts. Whether it’s action classics like “Con Air” or “Face/Off” or lesser-known movies like “Tess and Her Bodyguard,” director and writer Tom Gormican (“Single Forever?”) is a huge Cage fan, so he Pedro Pascal would have loved to play the role himself. And as such, in his declaration of love to the cult star, he includes numerous of his films, either in the form of entire sequences or with smaller allusions and side strokes.

Our author Björn Becher awarded 3.5 out of 5 possible stars in the CELEBTAP review, particularly praising the wonderfully harmonious cast and tongue-in-cheek self-mockery, which keeps increasing the fun factor. There are only compromises in action. The makers not only seem to have recognized their own problem, but are also addressing it in their film, as our review explains, among other things: “In a meta moment, while co-writing the screenplay for their bromancedrama, Javi asks the Hollywood star why he suddenly wants to shoot an action scene. Cage’s answer: it needs it for the trailer.”

However, this does not detract from the fun of “Massive Talent” – even if the film turned out to be almost even crazier: the original script included a scene in which Nicolas Cage runs after none other than Quentin Tarantino for a role in his hands to get the next movie.

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